Visas on arrival to Ukraine

Visas on arrival are envisaged by the Rules of Issuing visas for Entering Ukraine and Transit Crossing Through Its Territory approved by the regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 118 dated March 01, 2017.

Ukrainian visas on arrival are issued on the same day of application by departments of the consulate service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or representative office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at border check points.

Visas on arrival are issued for up to 15 days to foreigners who enter Ukraine:

  • with a diplomatic for business purpose based on request from a Ukrainian state body;

  • for liquidation outcomes of extraordinary situations based on request from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

  • for the purpose of urgent treatment or participation in a funeral of a close family member that is proved by relevant documents;

  • pilots and other crew members of airplanes carrying out international flights having pilot licenses or ID (certificate) or a crew member as envisaged by appendix 9 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation;

  • for ensuring Ukrainian interests in spheres of international and internal politics as well as in cases of humanitarian nature and based on written request of the department of the consulate service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Visas on arrival are issued for up to 5 days to foreigners who enter Ukraine for the purpose of a transit crossing the territory of Ukraine by crew members of foreign vessels staying in Ukrainian ports upon an extract from the shipboard list.

Other cases when a visa on arrival may be issued may be envisaged by Ukrainian and international treaties of Ukraine.

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