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There is only one regulation in Ukraine that defines all possible types of visas and how to obtain each of them, this is the Rules of Issuance Visas for Entering Ukraine and Transit Passing Through Its Territory, approved by the regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 118 dated March 01, 2017 (hereinafter the “Visas Regulation”).

There are 4 types of visas in Ukraine:

  • Transit visa (B-type).

  • Short-term visa (C-type). It is issued for up to 90 days within 180 days and can be a multi-visa, one-time or two-times visa. It is also known also as a tourist visa. There are 17 sub-categories of the C visa, you can read about them here.

  • Long-term visa (D-type). It is issued for foreigners who enter Ukraine with a purpose of arranging documents allowing them to stay in Ukraine over 90 days (e.g. for those who come for employment, registering a company, study, etc.). There are 16 sub-categories of the D visa, you can read about them here.

  • Electronic visa (E-visa) applied and issued online. Read here about when and how you can apply for an E-visa, and its cost.

A package of documents that must be submitted for getting a visa depends on the visa’s type and the purpose. E.g. a package of documents will differ for a D-type visa when it is issued for an employment purpose and, say, for a family reunion purpose.

If you need to find out what exactly documents you need to gather and submit for your visa, you may seek for a professional consultation or simply ask your Ukrainian speaking friend to help you read the Visas Regulation.

NOTE: New amendments to the Visa Regulation took force on June 26, 2019.

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