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Updated: Aug 9, 2019

As you can read in our article “Temporary Residence Permit Candidates”, there are 12 categories of foreigners who can obtain temporary residence. The process of obtaining temporary residence differs a little bit for each of the categories. Thus, here we will analyse one of the most common grounds used by foreigners to get a Ukrainian residence – marriage with a Ukrainian citizen.

To get a temporary residence permit based on marriage a foreigner must submit to the State Migration Service of Ukraine the following documents:

  1. application by the established form signed by the foreigner;

  2. original of the foreigner’s passport having the D-type visa that is returned to the Foreigner immediately;

  3. copy of the foreigner’s passport with the D-type visa;

  4. translation into the Ukrainian language of the foreigner’s passport with the D-type visa. This translation should be done by a certified translator whose signature on this translation should be notarized / legalized / apostilled;

  5. insurance policy;

  6. bank receipt certifying payment of the state duty and administration fee for granting temporary residence;

  7. document certifying that the foreigner is married to a Ukrainian citizen. The original of this document should be provided and is returned to the foreigner immediately after an identification. A copy of this document is kept by the officer. E.g. it can be a marriage certificate. If the marriage certificate was issued abroad, then it must be legalized or apostilled, translated into the Ukrainian language by a certified translator whose signature to be notarized;

  8. passport of the Ukrainian spouse who should provide an original of his/her passport personally. The officer will return the original after its identification. A copy of the passport is kept by the officer;

  9. four (4) colored photos in size of 3.5 x 4.5 centimeters.

A temporary residence permit is issued within 15 calendar days from the date of submitting the documents.

A temporary residence permit based on marriage is issued for one (1) year.

A temporary residence permit will be handed over to the foreigner in person thus no PoA is possible in this case.

State duties for issuance of a temporary residence permit are:

  • UAH 34.00 state duty;

  • UAH 447.46 administration fee for a permit’s blank;

  • UAH 340.00 fee for issuance of the permit.

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