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Updated: Jan 20, 2020

A package of documents to be submitted to obtain a permanent residence permit:

  1. Application (original).

  2. Applicant’s passport with a D-type visa (copy).

  3. Translation into the Ukrainian language of a page the applicant’s passport containing personal data of the applicant (original). The translation should be done by a certified translator and his/her signature under the translation should be notarized.

  4. Immigration permit (copy). You can read about how to get an immigration permit in another our article here.

  5. Bank receipt proving payment of the administrative duty (original).

  6. Photo.

All originals of the above documents should be present upon submission and be provided for a review by the officer.

Application processing time – 15 business days from the day of receiving a full package of documents.

Representation option – only personal submission of documents. No representative is allowed.

Deadline – documents must be submitted not later than 15 business days prior to expiration of legal stay in Ukraine.

Service authorized to process the documents and to issue the PRP – state enterprise of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, Center of Providing Administrative Services, territorial departments of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, by the place of residence of the applicant.

Permanent residence permit validity term – 10 years.

Obligatory payments:

  • UAH 85 state duty.

  • UAH 253 administrative duty.

  • UAH 291 cost of a PRP blank.

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