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Updated: Jun 28, 2019

As everywhere, a matter of salary amount is to be decided between the employee and employer. However, Ukrainian legislation tries to induce employers to hire Ukrainians and to protect foreigners from being underpaid. So, there are some minimal salaries an employer is obliged to pay when hiring a foreigner.

Legalhack: There is a way to bypass this minimal salary requirement. The idea is to pay for actual hours worked by the employee. I.e.:

1) a Ukrainian employer concludes a labor contract with a foreign employee providing for a salary of UAH 41 730 per month;

2) this means the employee is paid UAH 41 730 for 176 hours;

3) at the end of month the employee is paid only UAH 20 000 because he/she worked only 84 hours.

But we must warn you, that this legal trick bears some legal risks for both the employee and the employer. There is a chance that some Ukrainian authorities may find such payment as breach of law.

However, we got some legal pill for you. We sent an official request to the State Employment Service of Ukraine and got their official answer to this question – such partial employment is in line with law:

That is a very good news and can be used by you or your employer as a legal argument when necessary. At the same time, it should be noted, that such letters are not the law and are not obligatory for other authorities.

Contact Legal Ideas law firm to get advice on your personal case.

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