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A short-term C-type visa is issued for up to 90 days within 180 days and can be a multi-visa, one-time or two-times visa. It is also known also as a tourist visa.

There are the following sub-categories of the C visa based on the purpose of visit that are defined by the mutual Order No. 469/897/605 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine dated 30.10.2017:

С-01 - business;

С-02 - private;

С-03 - service;

С-04 - transportation of cargo and passengers;

С-05 - trips of foreign Ukrainians;

С-06 - tourism;

С-07 - health treatment;

С-08 - investment;

С-09 - activity in spheres of culture, science, education and sports;

С-10 - religious;

С-11 - work of journalists or representatives of foreign mass media;

С-12 - official;

С-13 - for foreign observer;

С-14 - visit of a funeral of a close family member;

С-15 - in interests of foreign and internal politics or for humanitarian purposes;

С-16 - fighting consequences of extraordinary circumstances;

С-17 – international flights by airplane crew.

The Foreigner shall submit the following documents to get a C-type visa:

…these are not all documents needed. Other documents are defined based on your visit purpose as explained above:

  1. Invitation letter issued by a Ukrainian company that is issued on the corporate letterhead that must contain the following information: number from the Unified State Register Of Legal Entities And Natural Persons Entrepreneurs And Non-Government Organizations, company’s ID, date and signature, full name of the foreigner, information on his/her date and place of birth, citizenship, the foreigner’s ID details, place of residence, purpose of the visit, period for visiting Ukraine, a number of visits and the address of residence in Ukraine, the company’s undertaking to cover expenses pertinent to the foreigner’s stay in Ukraine and departure.

  2. Notarized invitation letter of a private individual who is a citizen of Ukraine, a foreigner or stateless person legitimately and temporarily or permanently residing in Ukraine. Such an invitation letter must contain the full name of the host, details of his/her passport or permanent/temporary residence permit, residence address, full name of the invited foreigner, date and place of his/her birth, citizenship, ID’s details, place of residence, purpose of the visit, period for visiting Ukraine, a number of visits and the address of residence in Ukraine, the host’s undertaking to cover expenses pertinent to the foreigner’s stay in Ukraine and departure. This invitation letter has to be accompanied with a copy of passport or temporary / permanent residence permit of the host.

  3. Invitation letter of a state body, institution, enterprise or organization.

  4. Agreement for cargo and passenger transportation by automobile vehicles together with an international transportation license.

  5. Foreign Ukrainian ID. A spouse and children of a foreign Ukrainian must also submit documents proving family relationships.

  6. Documents proving a tourism purpose of the visit.

  7. Invitation letter issued by a medical facility.

  8. Document proving a foreign investment made into Ukraine according to the established procedure.

  9. Document certifying title on real estate in Ukraine.

  10. Invitation letter issued by a religious organization and approved by a relevant state body that registered this organization provided that the purpose of visit is conducting preaching and execution of rituals for a short term.

  11. Request of a foreign mass media re issuance a visa for a foreign journalist entering Ukraine for a short time in business.

  12. Request of foreign countries or international organizations.

  13. Resolution of the Central Election Commission for registration of foreign election observers assigned by foreign countries and international organizations for President or Parliament elections, local elections and national plebiscite.

  14. Document certifying that the applicant is a spouse or child or parent of a Ukrainian citizen.

All documents issued by foreign authorities have to be legalized / apostilled, translated into the Ukrainian language (if not possible – into the English language) by a certified translator whose signature has to be duly certified (e.g. notarized) as well.

Time for getting a C-type visa is up to 10 business days for USD 65 and up to 5 business days for USD 130.

When a visa is issued at a state border check-point, then the visa fee is UAH 2550. Other amounts of visa fees may apply based on the reciprocity principle used between Ukraine and a relevant country. You can read here about all these countries and visa fees applied to their citizens.

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