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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Once the foreigner receives his/her temporary residence permit, he/she is obliged to register at his/her living address in Ukraine within next 30 days.

To register at the address the foreigner (or his representative under a notarized PoA) shall submit to a center of providing administrative services by this address the following documents:

  1. written application;

  2. temporary residence permit;

  3. receipt on payment of UAH 04.00 of the administrative duty;

  4. dwelling lease agreement.

By registering a foreigner at his/her place a landlord undertakes some legal obligations, liability and risks:

  • in case of violation by a foreigner of Ukrainian immigration law the landlord may be brought to administrative liability and be fined in the amount of UAH 8500;

  • the apartment a foreigner is registered at maybe searched, arrested and be subject to other legal actions if this foreigner gets in some legal troubles;

  • early termination of a rent agreement as well as dissolution of residence registration may be impeded in some cases and in some cases it may be done only via court;

  • in some cases the law prohibits to terminate a rent agreement and dissolve the residence registration;

  • in some cases the landlord is charged higher price for utilities for every extra person registered at the dwelling;

  • some landlords still believe that registration at a dwelling gives a right to get title on this dwelling. It is not true, it happened a long time ago during the USSR times. During the USSR times most dwellings were owned by the government. People who lived there were not owners of those places but only used them. Once the government decided to give these places to people and allowed them to obtain title provided that they lived there for several years and were registered at those places. Thus, people in Ukraine still believe that if they register a tenant at their home, then the tenant will get part of the place. This is not true nowadays, of course.

All these makes landlords reluctant to agree on registering their tenants at their dwellings disregarding of tenants’ citizenship. That is why it often takes time, effort and money to solve this issue and there is no some average price for this type of service.

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