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Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Yes, any visa can be prolonged subject to some conditions.

The full procedure of visa prolongation, including rules on when it can be done, for how many extra days, how much time it takes and all other peculiarities, is regulated by the Order on Prolongation of a Period of Stay and Prolongation or Reduction of Temporary Stay of Foreigners and Stateless Persons on the Territory of Ukraine, approved by the Regulation of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 150 January 15, 2012 (hereinafter the “Visa Prolongation Regulation”).

For a short-term visa, or if you are under a visa free regime, the prolongation may be as long as for 180 days from the day of the last entrance into Ukraine when there is a reasonable purpose like:

  • medical treatment;

  • pregnancy or delivery;

  • nursing an ill family member;

  • execution of inheritance;

  • submission of documents for getting an immigration permit or Ukrainian citizenship;

  • fulfilment of obligations by a foreign correspondent or representative of a foreign mass media;

  • other reasonable purposes.

Any of such event has to be evidenced by relevant documents.

A long-term visa can be prolonged only for one month and only in cases when a temporary or permanent residence certificate has not been obtained during a validity term of the visa due to valid reasons. Any of such event has to be evidenced by relevant documents.

A transit visa can be prolonged in case of an involuntary stop during travel caused by extraordinary circumstances like natural disaster, illness, vehicle repair, etc. and provided that there is a document evidencing such a circumstance. A transit visa is prolonged for a necessary time.

An application for visa (term of stay) prolongation is submitted not earlier than 10 business days and not later than 3 business days before expiration of the visa or term of stay to territorial bodies or subdivisions of the State Migration Service.

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